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#Muslimrage as a cat enters a masjid. http://t.co/uh9l0Ide — Ammar AlShukry (@AmmarAlShukry)

Be proactive. Vote no.

Immediate call for action - go to CNN website
Scroll to bottom and vote -NO- on the poll where the question do u defend the decision to publish images of the Prophet Mohammed (P.B.U.H) ?”
Plz vote No, I strongly suggest you do it and share this everywhere as well iA.

Share the khayr.


Have a blessed Jummah iA. :-)

Memories. I wish i could go back in time to those cold winter nights in the 97 accord with my brothers goin to the masjid while listening to this. Sigh.


The person who advises you truly loves you and the person that only flatters you is not a true friend #ISNA2012 — Mohammad Noor Ahmad (@MyLifeIsNoor)

RSR: Random Shawwal Reflection ®©


I really have nothing to write about. Nothing inspirational to share. But I will write for the sake of writing. It will be pointless, but I simply do not care.

On my walk to the car every morning I gaze at the sky in hopes of seeing the moon and some stars. Usually I see the moon but hardly any stars.

But for the past few days. SubhanAllah. Everything is so clear. I can see everything. I can see the shape of the big dipper. It is simply captivating. Something about astronomy boosts my faith and overall happiness.

Im not gonna front. When I was leaving the masjid after isha i was feeling a tad bit upset. But as i turned the corner and was going down the main road i glanced up at the sky and saw the moon. At that moment I forgot what I was stressing about. Keep calm and look at the moon.

So much for the pointless stuff. Nobody is reading this. Hekakxhrksjgziayr.

If a kind and generous soul is…thank you.

I need to read the story of how the prophet salallahualayhiwasalam split the moon. Message me the link if you have an authentic source. Thanks. :-)

If you knew about me what i know about myself, you would never ask for a picture or an autograph. May Allah… http://t.co/VBMCCY4W — Omar Suleiman (@omarsuleiman504)

Real talk. Ameen Allahuma Ameen.

Real talk. Ameen Allahuma Ameen.

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